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Alta White Review – Does It Really Work?

Posted on 06 July 2010 (0)

So Here is the BIG Question: “Does Alta White Really Work?” The short answer is “YES”.  The long answer is a little more cumbersome. Yes, Alta White has images like the one below showing proof that indeed it does work.  Anytime you are using a bleaching type teeth whitening product you will get results. I […]

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Home Teeth Whitening: Effective and Inexpensive

Posted on 05 July 2010 (0)

Everyone wants to shine light and a warm smile, which left a lasting impression on the minds of viewers’. people with a set of temporary teeth, which are born, milky-white color, but these teeth fall out. new set of permanent teeth occurs, the reserve during the first years of life, the right color. But to […]

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What teeth whitening product do you suggest?

Posted on 04 July 2010 (0)

Question by grandtourismo88: What teeth whitening product do you suggest? What teeth whitening product(s) have you tried that work? I intend to order online. Best answer: Answer by mibaleYou should first understand that most teeth whitening procedures will work with natural teeth; veneers, crowns, bondings and fillings don’t usually respond to whitening agents.. It would […]

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Teeth Whitening : Laser Periodontal Therapy Pros & Cons

Posted on 03 July 2010 (0)

The pros and cons of laser periodontal therapy revolve around the elimination of decayed tissue and bacteria, but paired with the risk of failure to regenerate the bone and tissue loss. Weigh the pros and cons of laser periodontal therapy withtips from a licensed dental assistant in this free video on oral hygiene. Expert: Michelle […]

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Tooth Fairy Super Package.

Posted on 01 July 2010 (0)

Create Fun Tooth Fairy Letters And Tooth Fairy Certificates For Your Special Boy Or Girl. Download For Immediate Use For Tonights Visit From The Tooth Fairy! Tooth Fairy Super Package.

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Some Good Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Posted on 29 June 2010 (0)

teeth whitening industry is growing and there are plenty of products and techniques, including the home bleaching method for removing stains and teeth sparkling white. And the best part is, most of them are easy to use products. It’s a stain bacteria found in the stained teeth. So first we must get rid of the […]

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